Thanks to Our Great Sponsors!


Vickie's Angel Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with a mission of helping families fighting cancer who have difficulties paying their bills during the challenging times of fighting their cancer. Our goal is to take away the financial worry from the family, providing a temporary bridge that allows them to focus entirely on beating their disease.

We aim to provide Hope by relieving the stress of cancer treatment allowing the focus to be on getting better.

We look to build Faith by providing the knowledge of a community that cares.

We show our Love by walking with you during your treatment and supporting you.

In some cases, it is an immediate financial hardship that must be taken care of.  Our financial help is for both medical and non-medical expenses focusing on the basic necessities to survive. Examples are rent/mortgage payments, car expenses, food expenses, house heating expenses and co-pays. We help in blocks of three months at a time.


Our Goal

To allow the family to focus on their cancer and getting better while allowing Vickie's Angel Foundation to help them with paying their bills. At the same time to offer comfort with Love, Faith and Hope.


Since 2003, we have raised over $2,300,000 and have had over 1000 applications. None of our money raised goes to research. It all goes to the families. We are their Coast Guard where our life preserver we throw them, handles their basic necessities, rent, food, fuel, co-pays, insurance premiums and car repairs. That help alone could be thousands of dollars. The life vest we wrap around them is Love, Faith and Hope and we nourish their soul and let them know we care about them.


We let them know that we are only temporary and not permanent. Our goal is to get them to a position when they can pay their bills and their cancer is in remission


How to Apply for Financial Aid

Download the Aid Application under the Receive Assistance menu.


Vickie's Angel Foundation's Tax ID number is 20-8755452